Christmas Sales Grew by $4,300 At 4.17X With Facebook Ads For The Anjelms Project, Australia

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The Anjelms Project is an ethical fashion brand from Australia that aims to create fashion collections using sustainable and socially responsible methods.

Founded in 2008 by Gaelle Beech, The Anjelms Project continuously values and supports the 3 C’s of craft practices – Culture, Craftsmanship and Community. Founded on these values, they have established a strong connection to ethics in the garment making process and in the fashion industry as a whole.

The Anjelms Project maintains a transparent supply chain by ensuring that they directly work with producer groups. Using these practices, The Anjelms Project cuts out the middle-man which helps them offer quality garments with a reasonable price tag to their customers.

Timeless, versatile and durable are the best adjectives to describe the garments. Collaborating with The Stitching Project symbolizes the craftsmanship and quality, as The Stitching Project is Craftmark certified.


The Anjelms Project has a vibrant and an active Instagram account. Via the Instagram profile, they have managed to create a niche audience which consists not only of their customers and potential customers, but also evangelists that would go out on a limp to promote the brand and its merchandise.

This served as a great benefit for the brand in the initial years. However, when it came to push for certain promotions and events, they struggled to get into new territories and acquire first-time buyers.

It is difficult for a brand like Anjelms to acquire new customers as they serve a particular niche. When we first saw and analyzed their ad campaigns and push marketing efforts, we noticed that they were targeting a wayward and a large pool of audience.

Another challenge that we observed was that a majority of existing customers didn’t make repeat purchases.


Analyzing the challenges, our objective was to acquire new customers that matched the niche audience they were looking to serve in order to grow the brand exponentially. And the secondary challenge we wanted to overcome was to ensure that customers made repeat purchases.


In order to acquire new customers, we needed a push marketing campaign. And since, the Instagram handle was already producing excellent results in terms of creating fresh content that resonated with the target audience, we decided to run our first major campaign on Facebook ads (Facebook + Instagram ads) with Christmas being precisely 2 months away.

Our talented graphic designers created amazing artwork to be used as creatives on our first major campaign that year. A few creatives are as follows:

Ad Creative


Starting off with a budget of just $30/day, our ad managers were desperate to throw out positive results in order to grow Anjelms’ sale around the holiday season.

In the first 30 days, we had already managed to get 20 orders. Spending $908.89 in 30 days, we managed to produce revenue of $3,787.45 with a ROAS of 417%, which was more than twice the client had expected.

The Anjelms’ team was so impressed with our first month’s performance that they instructed us to increase the budget according to our analysis. This gave us the liberty and trust that we craved for in the beginning of the engagement.

After accessing the risk and the timeframe at which the festive season was coming to an end, we decided to increase the budget from $30/day to $62/day. With just 2 weeks remaining before Christmas, Anjelms’ team knew that their logistics partners won’t be able to deliver merchandise efficiently during the last week of December.

Hearing this, we had an amazing idea. We decided to create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) around the deliverable merchandise and the scarcity in stock available. We changed the ad copies and the messaging in the creatives to create this fear, enticing potential customers to make the purchase on the spot rather than procrastinating their buying decision.

As a result, we managed to clear our entire stock by the 20th December, 5 days before Christmas. We sold merchandise worth $4,650.95 and gained the customer’s trust.


The ANJELMS Project (pronounced “angel-emz)” is a creative project founded by Gaelle Beech in 2008 with her Balinese friend Luh Ariadi “Arik”. With a passion for social empowerment, the project focusses on providing consistent work for the community, especially women, and being able to pay them a fair living wage.


Freemantle, Western Australia


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  • Dresses & Jumpsuits for Women
  • Tops & Bottoms for Men & Women
  • Outerwear for Women
  • Bags, Masks & other Accessories
  • Famous Brands: 22 Folds, Belen Berganza, Smooth Ceramics
  • Famous Collections: Hands On, Indigo, Waste Not Want Not, We Are Freo, Checkmate, Le Minor, Suzani, Plant Dye Classics