5 Successful Ways to Promote Mobile Apps: Paid & Organic

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With the rise of smartphones, Mobile Apps have found a unique place in users’ behaviour. Technically, smartphones don’t exist without Apps in today’s day and age. Seeing this demand, businesses have also created web and mobile apps to reach the consumer in a better way.

Restaurant owners have created mobile apps and have started collecting and delivering orders through it, retailers have started selling their goods directly through mobile apps, electricity bills, mobile recharges, and even contributing money among friends have started through these mobile apps. They are such an important part of everyone’s ritual today.

So how do you promote your app in such a wide and diverse marketplace?

1. Launch & Reach Your Target Audience

There are different strategies on when to launch the offerings to your ideal target audience, it could be before the product or business is even launched. You need to reach your target audience as they are the best people that can validate your idea. Being the end user, they have the power to either make or break your app.

You can reach your target audience through your past customers, stakeholders, newsletter sign ups etc. or by getting a targeted database of strangers.

Once you have that, invite them to download the App, make them feel important by communicating that they are first ones to get the look and feel of it, and that their opinion matters and is respected. Also, provide them with some incentives to increase their eagerness.

2. Invite Reviewers, Influencers to Rate your App

This is a wonderful way to promote your business and the app quickly and genuinely. A lot of businesses don’t opt for this option due to their fear of criticism and bad reviews. Some reviewers even charge an amount to voice their opinions on public platforms, this is another popular reason why owners don’t opt for this option.

In my opinion, if you don’t have the confidence to present your product or services to these influencers, then might as well not sell at all. The worse thing that can happen is some of the reviewers might criticize or not see the product or service as they should have, so what? Majority of them will (if your product or service is good, else validate your business idea).

Having said this, if this step clicks, these reviews and ratings from these influencers will create a buzzing effect as these people have the power to influence the buying and engagement decisions of a certain group of people. Your App can go viral overnight.

3. Promote the App through your existing Website, Blog Posts, Emails, Social Media

Include your App link on your website’s Home Page for visitors to download the App. Create a blog post and a press release (if you have any) launching the App. Include a Download button in your regular Newsletter email to your loyalists and promote it via organic and paid social media platforms.

4. Create & Promote a Demo Video

An animated explainer video is a great tool to communicate and engage potential customers. It barely takes 60 to 120 seconds of the viewer’s time and keeps them engaged through animated characters and the video’s fast pace.

You should even run advertisements to increase your audience reach. Want to know how to run ads on Youtube? Read this blog: http://marcabees.com/how-influential-is-video-in-digital-marketing-and-a-brief-about-trueview-video-bumper-ads-youtube-ad-guide/

Something like this

5. Do SEO for your App

Along with App Store Optimization (ASO), your mobile App also needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a key tool in Digital Marketing. Your app’s potential customers often scan Search Engines categorically to look for suggestions on which App should they download.

So, in order to increase your App’s download organically, you need to optimize it according to Search Engines.

Hope this blog helped you to find out some basic steps to promote your mobile app. Please provide your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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