Impact of Pinterest & YouTube on Social Media

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Social Media has revolutionized the modern era’s communication and the way it perceives the internet. Socializing on the web is an integral part of today’s generation. With billions of people interacting through the internet, social media has had a tremendous impact on businesses, politics, sports, public figures, cyber bullying among others.

With so much importance to social media, it is necessary to analyze each platform separately and learn about their uniqueness and flamboyance. As we have already discussed about 4 Major Social Media Platforms for Business with Their Statistics (includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) in our previous blog, today we are going to examine Pinterest and YouTube in this article:


Pinterest is a photo sharing social media platform. It is available on the web and mobile application.

Launched in 2010, users on the platform can upload, save, manage and sort images and other media contents like videos which are called “pins” and add adequate text as a caption for other users’ understanding. These pins have to be assigned to a particular “board”. The Board acts more like a category, for example if you pin about a cricket bat, you can create a board called “Cricket” and add the pin in it.

One of the most interesting fact about Pinterest is that more than 80% of its users are females (according to a recent study). This gives marketers and businesses a very good idea to feed content for the female audience.


Founded in 2005, YouTube is a video sharing platform. After it was bought by Google in 2006, YouTube now operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries.

Users have the liberty to view videos along with uploading, sharing, rating, adding to favourites, reporting and also commenting on them. YouTube uses various technologies to display a wide range of user generated and corporate media videos.

Most popular content on the platform includes TV show clips, short and long documentary films, music videos, movie trailers, audio recordings, short films and educational videos.

According to a research, as of February 2011, YouTube has 490 million unique users per month across the globe. These users view an estimated 92 billion page views per month. The mind-blowing fact is that these statistics are just from the main YouTube website, they don’t include the videos watched on mobile devices or incorporate embedded videos.

Speaking of Social Media, YouTube has announced that there are more than 400 tweets per minute that contains a link from the video sharing giant. Facebook is the host of over 150 years’ worth of YouTube videos watched on a daily basis.

Often Pinterest is compared to Instagram in terms of statistics which include the user database and the content uploaded, however, Pinterest is unique in its own ways. Even though they are both image sharing social media platforms, Pinterest has its own identity and its users acknowledge that fact.

Coming to YouTube, there are a lot of video sharing platforms available, but nobody has enjoyed the stat achievement and the incredible success that YouTube has over the years. Being associated to Google surely has its perks as popular YouTube videos find a special place in the Google rankings.

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    Social media has become part of modern life. People can’t seem to live without their favorite networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but other sites such as LinkedIn and Pinterest have also become popular.So many people spending so much time using social media has raised productivity concerns in the business community. In order to prevent social media from interfering with our work, we need to exercise self-discipline. Summon our self-control and face ourself to spend a set amount of time working, and then reward ourself for a job well done by allowing ourself social media time.

    • Yes, that is correct and that is looking from a Leader’s point of view. In this article I am focussing more on the business point of view and how these social media can be used for present and future benefits.

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