Useful Platforms & their Types of Ads to get better ROI

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Running advertisement campaigns over the internet is the fastest way to get noticed around your audience. However, it must be done correctly else you will lose money and won’t get the desired results.

Before stepping your toe into paid advertisements, you need to plan:

  • Campaign measuring tools.
  • A search engine optimized landing page.
  • Set a budget.
  • Target audience with location for your campaign or campaigns.

Once these parameters are taken care of, you can run your advertisement campaign. While there are plenty of platforms for you to runs ads online, you need to choose the right platform for the best ROI.

I have already shown the significance of running ads on Google & Facebook, so we will exclude them from this list. Let’s explore these platforms for running ads:

1.    LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn is a professional networking social media platform. Hence, it is a useful platform to run B2B ads. LinkedIn has more than 467 million users from all over the world, providing a massive database for a business to target.

However, I would recommend to narrow your target audience as much as possible to get better results without spending a lot of money. These are types of ads LinkedIn offers:

  • Sponsored Content:

This type of ad allows you to boost your content on all devices like desktop, smartphone and tab.

If you have a LinkedIn business page with decent amount of posts on it, you can use this ad to attract new followers where you can reach the right audience while being precise with your targeting options. It can really drive quality leads if managed appropriately.

  • Sponsored InMail:

While LinkedIn messenger only allows you to message your connections, this ad offer you to deliver personalized messages with relevant content through LinkedIn Messenger to strangers.

These ads have proven to be the most successful and relevant as it directly finds the inbox of your target customer. If you are looking to pitch for a sale for a B2B module, this is the most relevant ad for you all over the internet.

  • Text Ads:

These ads are displayed on the right-hand column on your Home page of LinkedIn. Allows you to add a compelling headline with a description and an image (50×50). Text Ads provide accurate B2B filters to reach your precise target audience.

2.    Instagram Ads:

InstagramInstagram is an image sharing social media platform. Instagram provides the following type of ads:

  • Photo Ads:

A business has to convey its ad by using all its visual creativity via a picture. The ad is displayed on the user’s Home page with a clear call to action of your choice.

  • Video Ads:

Video Ads are also displayed on the user’s Home page. An advertiser can share videos up to 60 seconds long in a landscape format.

  • Carousel Ads:

Bringing an additional layer of depth to the photo ads, Carousel ads helps people to swipe to see additional images.

All 3 ads on Instagram come with a clear call to action button displayed below. These include: Clicks to website, Website Conversions, Mobile App Installs, and Mobile App Engagement.

3.    Twitter Ads:

With more than 317 million users, the micro blogging social media platform also started its own Twitter Ads.

Twitter initially started with Promotional Trends to promote trends from its advertising partners. Promoted Trends appear on the top of the Trending Topics’ list on Twitter according to your geographical preference and is clearly marked as “Promoted”

Now, Twitter has moved into an advanced position and also offers:

  • Website Clicks or Conversions:

With this type of ad, advertiser needs to promote the selected tweet to people who will visit and take action on their website.

  • Followers:

If you have less than 1,000 followers on Twitter and you want to climb the ladder as quickly as possible, then you can use this particular ad to run a campaign to get relevant followers.

  • Brand Awareness:

When an advertiser is looking to reach the maximum number of people he can via a tweet, then this seems like the best way to get it.

  • Tweet Engagement:

This is a new introduction from Twitter to start conversations with your target audience while promoting your tweet. The objective is to increase brand lift and offline sales.

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