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Sell My Home was founded in 2013 in Leicester, United Kingdom. The real estate company provides a marketplace for home owners and buyers to sell, buy and lease properties efficiently in United Kingdom.

Capitalizing on the gaps in the sales process, Sell My Home effectively streamlined the process for HNI (High Net-Worth Individuals) to sell their properties without getting occupied in finding the right buyer and avoiding legal hassles.

The best part about it is that their services allow the clients to choose the amount of control they wish to relinquish in the sales process, along with the amount they wish to spend on marketing their properties to prospective buyers.


Since their inception in 2013, Sell My Home has been involved in traditional marketing methodologies like Outdoor advertising, yellow pages, print advertising etc. It has given them mixed bag of results depending on various market factors and the surge in demand.

Traditional marketing’s major drawback was the geographical restriction and the cost associated with running campaigns across the United Kingdom. Sell My Home wanted to reach all four UK countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Their second major challenge came in the first quarter of 2020 when COVID-19 hit the UK and threatened a shutdown due to strict lockdowns imposed by the government.

Although Sell My Home had a decent website running at the time, the thinktank of the organization knew that this wouldn’t be enough to grow and sustain exponential growth.


Create brand awareness amongst the masses about Sell My Home and position the organization as the go-to place for home owners and buyers looking to either sell or buy properties.


SEO or search engine optimization seemed to be the logical option based on the objectives defined above.

SEO is the best solution for long term sustainable growth in terms of driving valuable traffic on the website and then urging them to convert into customers through our conversion rate optimization (CRO) methods.

Sell My Home had already successfully developed a new website which would act as the real estate marketplace rather than a basic information website.

And then our team at Marcabees chalked out a 12-month SEO plan to rank the most logical keywords associated with real estate and the brand.

First step was to identify the logical keywords associated with real estate and Sell My Home in the United Kingdom.

After the keyword basket of 950 keywords was created, we identified all the on-page optimizations the newly created website needed and created a list.

We fulfilled the on-page optimization list of 53 activities rigorously in under 60 days.

One of the main activities among the 53 was writing and uploading effective meta-tags. Meta-tags consist of constructing a particular webpage’s title and description. This is added in the page source of the website with the hard code. Meta-tags describe the webpage to search engine bots. These bots don’t see a webpage like humans do, they analyze the backend code to pick out information which is later displayed on search engines as below:

Source: Google


The on-page optimization started showing positive results within 30 days of submission. It was getting crawled regularly by Google’s bots and showcasing the brand on Google in a much better state.

The sitemap got displayed fully showcasing different pages on the website. Google My Business was implemented correctly and as a result Sell My Home’s local SEO took several leaps in generating inquiries consistently over calls and Google’s messages.

Source: Google

After 10 months of grinding in SEO activities, Sell My Home hit the jackpot when we started ranking for 571 off the 950 logical keywords, we had initially targeted.

And as soon as our search engine optimization took off and got us the necessary heat, we used that momentum in a carefully choreographed dance and got Sell My Home the qualified leads it truly deserved.

Ranking 571 keywords for a brand in 10 months is huge in terms of qualified traffic being generated on the website. And due to our CRO activities, 6.8% the qualified traffic that landed on our webpages converted into qualified leads, which can then be converted into paying customers.

Search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization can do wonders when they work in tandem.

In comparison, had Sell My Home ran Google Ads to bring in the same amount of traffic that we generated for them through SEO, Sell My Home would have had to pay an estimated average monthly cost of $43,700.

Source: SEMrush

We are not done yet, we are still working with Sell My Home to improve their rankings further to dominate the UK real estate market.


Sell My Home was founded in 2013 in Leicester, United Kingdom. The real estate company provides a marketplace for home owners and buyers to sell, buy and lease properties efficiently in United Kingdom.


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