Significance to Maintain an Online Reputation for your Business & 6 ORM Tips

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Online Reputation Management a.k.a. ORM is about maintaining a brand name in the digital world. The reputation of your brand presented affects your business directly. In today’s digital era, with billions of users online, brands don’t have a choice to be online. They need to be online and they have to keep improving or even restoring their name in the market.

ORM counters the negative material found on the internet by either eliminating the threat or addressing it to make a business look credible and trustworthy for everyone. Ideally any business would want to be presented in a positive light with plenty of positive material.

However, there are a lot misconceptions about online reputation management. Some people and even some experts believe that just by monitoring social media, or handling public relations online can help them come out of crisis situations, while others have absolutely no idea how it can impact your business. Social media with its billions of user base is certainly a talking platform for all users, and sometimes a company even faces massive criticism on their product, service or the company itself. However, simply monitoring Facebook posts or Tweets with hashtags aren’t going to restore the balance.

A business should be online to address its customers, potential clients, stakeholders, advisors, fan base and even its pessimists. It should be open to take feedbacks and address them. Although, being open is also challenging. Being open means you need to constantly be aware of everything that is associated with your company and have the judgement on how to engage with it, and this isn’t restricted to just social media. Some critics even go out of their way to harm your reputation. Like this example below:

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Reference – How I Met Your Mother

Here are the 6 tips that you should follow as a brand:
  1. Engaging on behalf of your brand has to be very calculative. Think twice before making a move.
  2. A company needs the right person to handle this responsibility. Ideally a calm and a rational person who has an inside out knowledge about the company.
  3. Delete some feedbacks, reviews etcetera. Even report some sites if you have to. Not every material online has to be responded. Some people just want to drag your business or your product down. No rational argument will settle that. So instead of engaging, simply delete its existence.
  4. Use ORM activities to increase your visibility.
  5. Keep building your customer trust over and over again. Don’t stop thinking of it as a one-time activity.
  6. Build relationships online.


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